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The Celestial Skylight Songwriting Project

Celestial Skylight is a modern rock / progressive rock songwriting project by guitar player & musician Neil Sequeira based in Pune, India.

The first album "A Wider Perspective" emerged from a strong longing to return to writing & composing independent new music after a near 15 year hiatus. It was equally a result of the government imposed lockdown on citizens as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold in early March 2020. Being locked indoors with the world outside having been turned upside down provided the backdrop & inspiration to reflect on the various issues plaguing society at large, writing & recording ideas which evolved as songs. 

Neil Sequeira is a guitar player based in Pune, India & has played with local bands Zero Thought, Moonstruck, Vertigo, Pufferfish & collaborated with numerous musicians between 1998 & 2005. He's played festivals like Rock Street Journal's Great Indian Rock in Delhi & Mumbai, June Rock Out in Chennai, Freedom Rock Festival in Pune & the club circuit with the band Moonstruck. He's also been involved in the past with original compositions featured on RSJs Great Indian Rock Vol 8, Moonstruck's debut album Moonwalk & The First Mutiny by DogmaTone Records. 

Celestial Skylights music is the amalgamation of all the various influences over the years that spans progressive rock, djent, modern rock, alternative rock with jazz, blues, classical, movie score composers and influences from indie rock bands. However, the sound doesn't necessarily identify completely with anyone of them and is just the expression or outcome of all these various influences in the creative process to write & express ideas, emotions, stories & messages through music. 

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