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The Enderman - Lyrics & Backstory

Intro Background Vocals

The Enderman is coming

Don’t look into his eyes

(Enderman Sounds)

The Enderman is here

The Enderman is here


A dark, shadow crawls

Behind you, as night falls

Those purple eyes will hypnotize with gleaming glowing stares

Look aside, run for your life, pretend he isn’t there

Those emanating particles will draw you in to gaze

Resist the curiosity, look away don’t hesitate


The Enderman is coming, don’t look into his eyes

He’d rather you keep them away

The Enderman is coming, don’t look into his eyes

That way you’ll live to see another day

The Enderman is coming, don’t look into his eyes

He’s here to tell you what to say

The Enderman is coming, don’t look into his eyes

He’ll take you down if you get in the way

The Enderman - Backstory

Life changed drastically when we found ourselves in a complete lockdown. Routines changed too as we found ourselves indoors for hours on end, weeks and eventually months. I found solace and something to focus on in the process of creating this album. For my seven year old son, he seemed to find solace in playing the popular game Minecraft. Personally, I haven't played a lot of Minecraft but hours of listening to the background scores, stories around the game and listening to his enthusiasm for it may have subconsciously rubbed off on me.

This song is about one of the popular and strange characters from the Minecraft game, the Enderman. The instrumental synth introduction into this song is a journey that starts in the Overworld. It's highly influenced by the mood and sounds of the games original background score when you're in the Overworld which is a bright place with greenery, light, water, trees and generally a safe feeling space. As the song progresses, we travel to the Nether which is darker world / dimension with lava and dangers lying at every step. Also a place the Enderman can spawn at anytime unlike in the Overworld where they appear only when it gets dark. The Enderman is a fascinating character in that it rarely bothers you or poses a threat unless you look at it directly in its eyes. That's when trouble begins. While the song is about the Enderman from Minecraft, there are parallels in our world in the form of people in places of absolute power & privilege which also inspired the song. These power-hungry or obsessed people within society much like the Enderman ensure compliance with their unquestionable rule. Much like the Enderman, if you look into their eyes, question them, get in the way of their agenda or say things against their beliefs and ideology...that's when the trouble begins.

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