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The Best In Us - Lyrics & Backstory


Most days

They’re delusions

Most days

They’ll pass us by

When it’s all getting real

It’s starting to feel

Like we can turn this around

Most days

They’re indifferent

Some days I can’t feel

Existence is on the line

It’s time to deal


Through the horror

Through the travesty

Will emerge the best in us

A helping hand here

Some humanity

Outshining any curse

And I can only hope

When the sun’s out, we’ll be stronger

And I can only dream

That the silver lining will stay out longer

These days, they will bring despair

These days, they will bring us hope


These days, they will bring despair

These days, they will bring us hope


The Best In Us - Backstory

When the global pandemic actually took hold just shortly into the lockdown, I saw some of the worst, most despicable, irrational among people come out doing and saying the most absurd things. There was hoarding of supplies, blaming various people for the disease, spinning religious stories to create further divide, spreading rumours, defying science and logic...all kinds of things that make you question why humans haven't evolved more in all this time.

On the other end of the spectrum, I witnessed some of the best traits of humans in some in the form of compassion, selflessness, calm, rational thinking, collaboration, problem solving, understanding and love. Doctors and the medical community putting their lives and their immediate families lives at risk to save others. Essential workers, retailers, farmers, transport drivers, delivery workers who worked around the clock to serve others and keel some semblance of life going. Teachers, trying to help children make sense of what was going on and working to continue educating. Scientists and innovators, staying away from politics and rhetoric to collaborate, brainstorm and work long hours to come up with solutions to combat the disease as well as issues it created. There were those among us that instantly raised funding & relief for various sections of people who were left with nothing because of the brutal lockdown measures. Ordinary citizens preparing meals, distributing food to those in need, slippers to migrant workers forced to walk hundreds of kilometers, free psychological counselling to those who struggled mentally. People feeding stray dogs who were left hungry when the city disappeared around them, musicians who touched people with their music and art, workers who hadn't lost their livelihoods donating their earnings to those who did...I can go on.

This song is a tribute to them. The ones who despite the negativity, choose to be constructive, compassionate, work towards being better, see the similarities in people around them, work on progressing and moving forward, refuse to let the system override the humanity in people. As the final track in the album, this is the song that is dedicated to those who can be a spark of hope in times that can feel full of despair. To the best in us!

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