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Supernova - Lyrics & Backstory

The embers burn

In the corner of a violent storm

Collapsing all around us

The end moves on

Son, you should learn to see the signs

They feign

They’re designed

To keep you from the constant web of lies

They create

It’s got to be telling you something

When its crumbling under its own weight

Built on a base of nothing

Tumbling in towards its fate

The embers burn

In the corner of the violent storm

This place

This shining star

Elements of who we are

Wake up

To realize

We’re holed inside

An ultra bright


The world has turned

The sides have caved in on us all

You’ve shined

For far too long

Far to strong

Far too bright

You’ve lied

For far to long

You set it right

You set it right



Supernova - Backstory

The song Supernova has come after a hiatus from songwriting for several months. While this new year started out great with hope and chance to return to some form of normalcy after the 2 year pandemic times, it quickly took a turn after the first two months and it's been a difficult time since. There has been a lot unfolding around the world in general and this song in some sense has been a chance to process all the current events and express it as a song. Supernova is both literally about the phenomenon of a once massive powerful bright star exploding and coming to it's inevitable final stages while collapsing in wards on itself and also a metaphor for a powerful system also exploding and collapsing inwards in a self destructing final blaze. A number of global events and happenings during the first half of 2022 appear to be signs of systems whether political, ideological, institutional, societal or even natural showing signs of collapse because they have outlived their time and coming to an end. Much like a supernova, there is a last hurrah or push to burn whatever fuel is left in these systems to keep it going but there are clear signs after the explosion, these systems and ideas are headed for a complete collapse and will meet an inevitable end.

Image credit - kjpargetter <a href=''>Space galaxy photo created by kjpargeter -</a>

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