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Fine - Lyrics & Backstory

Step outside the door

There’s more than a part of me

My instinct is to hide

Don’t bury deep inside

I want to be myself

And tell you what I’m feeling

Can’t bring myself to do that

Don’t ask me how I am

Wear a smile

As I bleed inside

Say I’m feeling fine

Hide behind

My deceitful eyes

Say I’m feeling fine

I’m fine


Is what you do to lie


Unraveling mine

The way you see me

Is my life is all perfect

And it’s glitter and roses

And blue skies

I’m done pretending

With the signals I’m sending

And the words that I’m bending

To be seen

Cloak the fear

As my face appears

As though I’m feeling fine

Show some cheer

Wipe those tears

Though I’m feeling fine

I’m fine

It’s hard to hide

What I feel inside

Say I’m feeling fine

Times arrived

I’m not feeling fine

Say it’s all a lie

A lie

Fine - Backstory

This song started with putting down some guitar riff ideas in a low drop C tuning. After several iterations and deleting parts, the idea and structure starting coming along well and the arrangements were recorded with the intention of having vocals and lyrics at the forefront after having done an instrumental for the last track. I convinced my daughter Arina to record the vocals for this song and before long it was a collaboration on the lyrics as well as the vocals. The song is about the instinctive and immediate response to meeting someone and being asked "how are you?" to which the answer is "I'm fine" even when you may not be. During the lyrics writing and vocals process, Arinas new generation pop vocal influences combined with my progressive metal and modern rock / djent influences led to a blend of both emerging in the songwriting. The end result was a father-daughter collaborative track that perfectly represents a mix of our influences and musical styles.

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