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Escape From I.O. - Lyrics & Backstory

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

User, see you on the other side

Of a world that's conceived

Of emotion & greed of a digital kind

Coded to entice you with

An alternative to living


Nowhere to go

The circuitry

Confined my soul

Logic essential

To unlocking potential

Is now a figment of a prison

In someone's broken code

IO is the future

If you're not part of this future metaverse

You're not relevant today

We're offering you a reality far superior

To your pathetic existence

I don't understand why anyone would choose

Not to plug into IO

Plugged into the hive

Your existence is wired

To think that we could fly away

And escape from IO


Updating code


With a tightened hold

Minds all intertwined

A sensory denial

A world we've left to fade away

For oblivion in IO


Of solid state


This enchanted place


At placarded rates

With a vision

Of one's evil face

Plugged into the mind

Your existence is wired

To think that we could fly away

And escape from IO

Escape From I.O. - Backstory

The song Escape From IO started off very soon after Supernova was released in the form of the opening guitar riff which I recorded while playing around with some ideas. Each evening I would record and put down a few more seconds, some days just delete the prior days recording and within a week and a half the instrumental parts were done and re-tracked with guitar, bass and synth parts over a single weekend. It wasn't until Bez, fellow guitar player, fellow band mate and childhood buddy from Perth, Australia heard it and offered to collaborate did the song start taking shape. Within seconds of chatting it was decided the song revolves around an sociopath tech wizard / entrepreneur who is hell bent on locking people inside an engrossing alternate reality world he's build named IO. Shortly after that Bez wrote the initial verses and recorded the dark growl vocals setting the ball rolling on the rest of the lyrics and vocals which I wrapped up in a couple of weekends. All in all, this song emerged quite quickly from inception to release and the collaboration makes it all the more special.

Escape to IO - Celestial Skylight

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