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Duality - Lyrics & Backstory


From my perch & my perception

I see it all my way

I’m not aligned with your deception

Your version of events

Is night and day


The story of my life

Unfolds through my eyes

Try and convince me


Final Chorus

The story of my life

Unfolds through my eyes

Try and convince me



Duality - Backstory

It seems as though people are extremely divided in the way they perceive things. An event for example. Something happens or you learn of an event taking place whatever that is. You absorb what has happened, analyse it, apply your own understanding, biases, tags, values, point of view and then you perceive that event in a certain way. You form an opinion, an understanding or perception of what happened.

That very same event, as looked at by someone else, can go through the same process of analysis and arrive at a completely different or even opposing perception. Their understanding maybe so far from your own, it's hard to believe you're even referring to the same event.

Duality for whatever reason is an extremely stark phenomenon which has come to the forefront in present times. Perhaps it's the emergence of social media which instantly displays everyones thoughts an opinions simultaneously at scale we've never seen before. Or, perhaps it's the uncertain times we find ourselves in at the brink of major change all around the planet. What is clear is the divide between groups of people or stark contrast in the way we see a singular event. We can see exactly the same thing and yet, see it absolutely different ways. Sometimes, no amount of convincing, can change the way we see or perceive things. Shared planet, shared experiences, different realities.




1. the quality or condition of being dual. "this duality of purpose was discernible in the appointments"

2. an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something; a dualism. "his photographs capitalize on the dualities of light and dark, stillness and movement"

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